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Tape mapping  |  Graphic  |  2023
Festival du nouveau cinéma
The Festival du nouveau cinéma is an annual event held in Montreal, celebrating innovation and creativity in cinema since 1971. It showcases independent films from around the globe and features a variety of multimedia presentations, making it a renowned platform for avant-garde and original cinematic projects. 

For the 2023 edition of the Festival du nouveau cinéma, I participated in a collaborative effort to transform the main hall, initially an empty space with stark white walls, into a captivating visual exhibit. As part of a team of talented artists, I designed intricate graphics using the metaphor of "stairs" to symbolize the infinite diversity and scalability that is emblematic of the film festival.
Wall mapping design

Wall tape design for projection mapping

Following my designs, video artists added motion to these visuals, and the final auditory touch was provided by musicians, enhancing the immersive atmosphere. Additionally, I personally installed the tape on the walls, a critical part of setting up our projection mapping. This collective project resulted in a captivating experience that resonated with the festival’s artistic essence.

" 2023 Festival du nouveau cinéma " Tape mapping video

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