Poster  |  Graphic Identity  |  Logo  |  Merchandise  |  2023
POCHA is a vibrant celebration of Korean street food culture that takes place in Montreal. The design for this festival is infused with a lively and colorful aesthetic, capturing the essence of Korea's bustling street food scenes. This approach uses bold and vibrant graphics to reflect the dynamic and flavorful experience of Korean street food, making the festival atmosphere inviting and engaging for all attendees.

Signature Characters

A key highlight of the POCHA festival's branding is the series of pixel art characters I created, each based on popular Korean street foods like Kimbob, Bingsu, Soddeoksoddeok, and Kogo. These characters are designed in a distinctive pixel art style that adds a touch of nostalgia and playfulness. These characters not only serve as a fun and engaging visual element but also play a crucial role in enhancing the festival’s identity by bringing the flavors of Korea to life in a unique and memorable way.

Promotional content

Promotional content

Utilized across various promotional materials, including posters, digital ads, and merchandise, these characters enhanced the festival’s visual identity and engaged attendees. 
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